FIRE Community.

Community with focus on decentralized real estate
development opportunities.

The Fixed Income Real Estate (FIRE) community focusses on real estate & hospitality development projects and the benefits.


You are interested to benefit from future technologies blockchain, crypto and tokenization, but the market offerings are too complicated for you?

Are you looking for a sustainable way in the new market of crypto assets?


Community driven benefits.

Powerful community and Ecosystem

Join a powerful community of creative and open minded FIRE supporters from around the world.

  • Real Estate Access: Community memmbers get access to exclusive real estate pre-sale
  • Community wall: A property wall features the names of all significant token holders token at time of ground breaking
  • Community talks: Learning experiences and private networking series, with speakers covering Real Estate development investing topics
  • Community rates: All token holders get owners rates at portfolio properties
  • Community dollars: Token can be spent at property for overnight stays, F&B outlets and more…


Working together, we achieve more for the many.

FIRE is built by a decentralized community of scientists, innovators and engineers and thought leaders united in a common purpose: combining old values with the digital future


FIRE brings a new standard in technology to challenge the old and activate a new age of sustainable, globally-distributed innovation.

Hosted in Switzerland we use modern blockchain based standards. This way we ensure the largest possible network effect.


Imagine better. Think bigger. Create change.

The Blockchain technology of FIRE holds the answer to a number of legacy challenges, whether financial, societal, or technological. FIRE is a realization of this potential.


Imagine better. Think bigger. Create change.

Partners and advisors to FIRE include hospitality industry veterans - together with their investment teams screening the most attractive development projects globally.

Together we aim to achieve the infinite.

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